With the coming of winter, the days are getting shorter and less vibrant, creating the ideal time we can pamper and refresh our home and our daily lives as well.

Ecohome, in collaboration with the Meres Bookstore & Lifestyle Store, welcomes winter and invites you to the coziest event.
Ecohome and Meres curate and present a unique collection of home products and books, promising to provide an atmosphere of warmth and wellness in your home and lives.

Μeres celebrates 2x365 days/meres as a bookstore
and invites you to the most festive birthday party!
Join us for an evening full of xmas-shopping wine and cake of course!

Stay tuned  for our upcoming events!

Meres is celebrating new collaboration with KnIndustrie!
Join us between 10:00-19:00 to explore full collection of kitchenware items by KnIndustrie along with our new arrivals of cookbooks, into our renewed kitchen comer!

Between 17:00-19:00, the experienced team of Bavarian Delicatessen will offer a unique food experience with a live outdoor-cooking with KnIndustrie cooking tools.


Proud to announce our participation to the opening of the "Bauhaus imHaus-Bauhaus Open House Exhibition" organized by Goethe -Institut Zypren!

During the opening of the exhibition you will have the chance to explore an ultimate book collection related to Bauhaus, exclusively selected for the event!

Join us on Wednesday 27.03.2019 at 20:00  

 Goethe -Institut Zypren: 21 Markou Drakou Nicosi

Μeres celebrates 365 days/meres as a bookstore
and invites you to the most festive birthday party!

Join us for an evening full of xmas-shopping .wine and cake of course!​​


Meres Bookstore proudly announces the # taboo illustration exhibition, presenting all shortlisted designs along with the winning entry of the Tote Bag Design Competition

Join us to meet all the artist who participated and share thoughts and inspiration!

During the event you will also have the chance to purchase the limited-edition tote bags, representing the winning entry by the graphic designer Andreas Pitisilides.

Meres proudly welcomes Kxoffee Project for an all-day event on Sunday 15thOf December.
Join us between 11:00-17:00 for a unique coffee experience and discover extraordinary gifts for coffee lovers.

At 12:00 ,14:00 and 16:00 Kxoffee Project team will be taking you on a unique coffee tasting/ cupping experience

Worldwide Buddies is popping up at MERES Bookstore for their
annual holiday festivities and a book presentation of their latest picture book, "China's child".

Join us for special gift shopping, hot drinks, festive crafts for kids and... a jolly good time!

** Book presentation at 5pm.

Meres welcomes Antika and invites you to explore a unique collection of handpicked, soulful, vintage home objects.

1st-8th December 2018

​opening 1st of December at 18:00

Cyprus Antipoverty Network with Photographer Pantelis Hadzinimnas are organizing a photo exhibition within the framework of the European Minimum Income Network program, “NOBODY DESERVES LESS”, which will be held at the MERES Bookstore on Pentadaktylou street in Nicosia, 2018, Saturday, 1st of December, at 18:00.
Emotions of despair, impasse, dilemma, frustration, compose the psycho-synthesis of the person who has been unexpectedly found in the swirl of poverty and exclusion. 
At the same time, support, satisfaction, gratitude, solidarity, support and counseling are the goals of minimum income schemes. 
All these are made up of stories, events and pictures. Pictures that produce loud sounds shake the routine of our everyday life. 
The raw reality is imprinted in black and white, which is the dominant element in the 15 photos. However, this musical minimalism does not exclude the shades of gray, signs of hope

Thursday 29th of November 

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