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Inovative cooking tools by knIndustie  promising to offer to you and yoru loved ones a unique cooking  expercince.

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The Tajine

The tajine, a typical saucepan from North Africa, is composed of two elements: a sort of pan with raised edges and a conical lid which keeps the steam in to have it condense before falling back down toward the food, keeping it soft and moist. Ideal for dishes that need a long time cooking at low temperatures, this saucepan is very practical thanks to the excellent thermal conductivity of the aluminium it is made in, further enhanced by the non-stick processing in the refined dark brown colour. 

Lady Anne
Designed by Lara Caffi for KnIndustrie.
Lady Anne is a coffee pot by the classic and elegant design. Made in aluminum to more curves, this wonderful coffee pot is inspired by the services of coffee '700. A timeless charm characterizes Lady Anne, with its simple lines and a special ergonomic grip and thermal insulation. The basis of this wonderful coffee pot is a double bottom and is designed to also be used on electric and gas plan

Audacious. Brave. Eco-friendly. Innovative.

The philosophy of Knindustrie is to make cooking and the presentation of food easier and even more enjoyable. A dream that has become stronger thanks to first-hand experience, direct observation and the cooperation with established chefs, professionals and common people. The result is a wide range of versatile, sustainable items, created with high-quality materials.Type your paragraph here.

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 design by Laura Caffi 

Any drink is chilled by placing one or more cubes in glasses soapstone previously cooled in the freezer without it being altered by the release of liquid as with the melting ice

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