​​MERES (days)

the basic measuring unit
of life, the interval of light
between two successive
nights, the time between
sunrise and sunset, a full
rotation of the earth around
its axis, the time period of 24
hours,1440 minutes,86400
seconds, the experiences
and works of an individual
during the times of his life.


Located in the heart of the old city of Nicosia MERES Bookstore shelters a specialized book collection, which in combination with the dynamic of the space, offers a unique experience. Our distinctive book collection specializes in wide range of categories such as architecture & design, arts, fashion, children’s, lifestyle and more.

Meres is a new and alternative concept as it is bookstore that also enrolls art and entertainment. Our aim is to enrich the urban center of our city with project and activities supporting human expression through art and entertainment. For that reason, Meres is always open to receive interesting and creative proposals for events that could be incorporated into the current use of the space as bookstore.


Stavros Ioannou