​Proud to welcome a Kitchenware items collection in our renewed cooking corner!

Inovative cooking tools by knIndustie  promising to offer to you and yoru loved ones a unique cooking  expercince.

Visit us to  exlplore the full collection along with your  favorite cookbooks!


Proud to welcome Palomar Design products to our collection! Check-out some of our favorites!

New Arrivals:

Impress your clients and team or  just loved ones by creating custom-made gift sets!

Combine your favourite books with kitchenware items, candles and wine!

All wrapped in lovely Christmas-inspired box ready to satisfy all tastes and any budget !

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Designed as a tribute to architects' work, cinqpoints is a publishing company created 3 years ago by a French Architect. Cinq Points designs and produces stationery, objects and games architecture lovers and creative minds. Their collections are dedicated to architecture and opened to contemporaneous fields.​


​New arrivals in our stationary corner❗️
Notebooks & cards by #noodoll all inspired by great minds 

A fun character bookmark is hidden on each cover! Pick your favourite icon or collect them all!


herbal tea blends!

A series of 5 special herbal tea blends with an earthy character.
You can enjoy it both hot and cold any time of the day!

When the contents are finished, do not throw the package.
Reuse it!

On the underside of the lid, you will find the seed stick glued with organic herb seeds. Add soil to the biodegradable container, embed the seed stick and grow your own aromatic plants. Plant the container in a bigger planter or directly in your garden and play your part in the environmental protection by reducing waste.